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March 18, 2009

Choline during pregnancy tested to prevent mental illness

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Doctors at the University Of Colorado Are Testing Choline (taken during pregnancy by the mother) to Prevent Mental Illness in the children.

A popular word at the University of Colorado Denver's Department of Psychiatry is "choline," a nutrient found in many of our foods, but not prenatal supplements.

Researchers believe choline may be a missing link when it comes to preventing mental illness in the womb, helping developing brain cells become stable and properly communicate with one another.

"We've looked at it specifically for its ability to help a brain develop resistance to mental illness," said Dr. Randy Ross, the study's lead investigator.

In this new study Moms-to-be take three capsules of choline two times a day during pregnancy. After birth, children are observed for 18 months to document motor skill, problem solving and language development.

This same group of researchers has already published research on animals that demonstrated that Choline during pregnancy seemed to prevent many of the brain changes that are common in young rodents that are predisposed to "mental illness" (see links below for this research). 

Source: University of Denver Choline during Pregnancy Study,

Animal Studies that have shown how choline during pregnancy may prevent mental illness:

Permanent improvement in deficient sensory inhibition in DBA/2 mice with increased perinatal choline.

Perinatal choline deficiency produces abnormal sensory inhibition in Sprague-Dawley rats.