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October 28, 2010

Extremely good verbal skills and verbal understanding - 2 Year Checkup

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Had our 2 year checkup for our son the other day - the checkup went well, but what was interesting was that the pediatrician was amazed at our son's verbal skills and obvious understanding of words and concepts during our meeting the other day. 

He was sitting down on the inspection table looking at a book and talking about what he was seeing and flipping pages and asking questions, etc. - while we were talking.  By the end of the meeting the pediatrician's eyes got wide and she said "I have to say, I'm very impressed with his verbal abilities at this age - and not just his speaking ability, but his very clear understanding of the concepts and meaning of the words." 

It seems like the choline is potentially providing some real benefits.  Of course - with a sample size of one, its impossible to say for sure - but the results I've seen to-date seem compelling. 

What I found interesting is that his verbal skills and understanding are so good - even though he's immersed in another language for most of the day.  For all intents and purposes English is really his second language - since the nanny doesn't speak English to him during the 9 hours a day that she is here. 

The measurements found that he was now 60th Percentile in weight, 60 to 70th percentile in height, and 97th percentile in head circumference (which hasn't changed much).

On the separate issue of science news - I haven't been following Pubmed.org too closely recently, or reviewing the new papers on prenatal choline supplementation during pregnancy, but did see this bit of news that came out this summer:

"Another study, published in the June issue of Behavioral Neuroscience, reported that choline intake during pregnancy and lactation is associated with improved attention function.3 The researchers observed that offspring of female mice consuming a diet supplemented with choline during pregnancy and lactation performed significantly better on attention tasks compared to offspring from mothers consuming a diet not supplemented with choline."

All in all, the news still seems very positive, and I've yet to see any significant negatives.