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January 10, 2012

Information on Pregancy and Choline from Pharmacist student of Dr. Zeisel's

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I received an email from a former student of the leading researcher on Pregnancy and Choline - Dr. Zeisel.  It had some interesting additional information that I wanted to pass on.  The following is an excerpt from a longer email:

"You cite a 2001 article stating to start therapy in the 3rd trimester. 

I tend to follow closely Dr. Zeisel's research after hearing his presentation when I was in college around 2000.

Dr. Zeisel says to start at day 56 of human pregnancy. As a pharmacist, I keep copies of this article handy to provide to my pregnant patients if they ask for it. Dr. Zeisel says that if you do not start this early and ideally continue therapy THROUGH age 4 of the child, you will not see benefits. 

Feeding your children 3500mg in the 3rd trimester will not be sufficient [to achieve the same good results on the child's brain and memory as if you started at day 56 of the pregnancy] according to Zeisel. You may not be able to overdose the patient after the key developmental period has elapsed and still expect the same results. Further, you can't stop prematurely [before age 4], to expect Zeisel's [strong memory] results."

My take home from this is to start taking the higher levels of choline (somewhere between 1500 mg and 3,500 mg) at day 56 - and continue, if you can - through the pregnancy, and then also have higher than normal choline dosages with the child from birth through age 4 years.  What "higher dosages" of choline mean in a child age 0 to 4 is not really studied.  Our effort has been to get our children to get about 400 to 600 mg/day via eggs (about 80mg per egg of choline) and lecithin mixed with food.  But as anyone will tell you with children - getting them to eat what you want them to eat - is frequently challenging - so I don't claim to have met that goal.

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January 10, 2012

A good research summary on pregnancy and Choline

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Here is a good source that may provide more information on the science and studies behind the choline (though its rather old - i.e. published over 10 years ago, and well before most of the more indepth choline studies were done and published - so take its recommendations and information with that in mind):


Usually too technical for people - but if you have some basic science education its pretty interesting, it has all the information on all the studies and side effects, etc.:

Dietary Reference Intakes for Choline - National Academies of Science Press