Good Prenatal Choline Research Papers

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I think its a good idea for any parent who is interested in High Levels of Choline supplementation to review the top research papers on the topic.   

Here is my favorites' list (The full research papers are at the links provided below):

An overview of evidence for a causal relationship between dietary availability of choline during development and cognitive function in offspring - By Joyce C. McCann, Mark Hudes, Bruce N. Ames

The Fetal Origins of Memory: The Role of Dietary Choline in Optimal Brain Development - by Steven H Zeisel, MD, PHD

Choline: Critical Role During Fetal Development and Dietary Requirements in Adults - Steven H Zeisel, MD, PHD

Importance of methyl donors during reproduction -by Steven H Zeisel, MD, PHD

Metabolic imprinting of choline by its availability during gestation: implications for memory and attentional processing across the lifespan (By Warren H. Meck, Christina L. Williams)

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