Optimizing your Pregnancy for the Lifelong Health of the Child

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Following is a group of pregnancy science news summary PDF documents that I've created that I thought I'd share to help anyone planning a pregnancy.  All the documents are Password Protected with the password "choline".

Prenatal Choline is just one (significant) part of what I believe you need to do to have a healthy pregnancy; there are many other things you need to consider and plan for.  In addition to the research I've done into choline I did a lot of research on the other areas of science that help you optimize the health of your child.  

This is an area that is extremely important because I believe that the research is showing that the potential positive impact you can have during the nine months of pregnancy (as well as the year prior) is actually significantly greater than the impact you can have the rest of your child's lifespan - so the time and effort you spend planning your pregnancy is going to pay off big, and it makes the rest of your child's life likely to be much easier than if you didn't.  

If you find the choline research interesting - then you'll probably find this other information of interest.  What I've done here is created a group of documents in which I've pulled together all this pregnancy science news that I found interesting.  This was done over a 3 or 4 year period - and you'll see that some of the information actually contradicts each other.  I have not gone through and edited it to remove the contradictory news/research items.  This was created for my own use - I'm just sharing it in the the hope that some other people can benefit from it - and make the world a healthier place for future generations.  You might share it with anyone you think might benefit.  I tend to think that this type of research (the latest academic research news) is of particular value because most information takes many years to get into popular books that people read prior to, or during pregnancy - so you're effectively having a children based on very old information if thats all you rely upon.  

Of course - this is mostly just covering new research - and if anyone has been involved with science for a while, you know that one research paper doesn't really tell you that much - so take this information with a grain of salt, especially when its a story based on just one research paper.  That said, its helpful to understand where the science around this particular area (for example, vitamin D) has been trending for the past few years - to get a better perspective on what risks you might be taking if you increase the levels of vitamin D during pregnancy above what is currently included in a single standard prenatal vitamin. 

Here is a sample list of the types of stories I've accumulated in this list of readings that I've pulled together as part of my pre-pregnancy planning:

Women who start prenatal vitamins early are less likely to have children with autism - Women who do not take them early are nearly twice as likely to have children with autism.

Folic acid intake one year prior to pregnancy may also reduce premature births - The risk of having a premature baby may be halved if women take folic acid supplements for at least one year before conception, suggests new data.

New Research Shows Why Every Week of Pregnancy Counts

Research on early births could hold clues to disorders like autism and cerebral palsy.

Stress  even before pregnancy impacts children to be...

Prenatal exposure triggers a taste for alcohol in children ...

Moms Who Eat High-Fat Diet Before, During Pregnancy 'Program' Babies to Be Fat, at Risk

If expectant mums put on the pounds, so do the kids

Shaky Amount of Iodine in U.S. Salt

Can Heavier Babies Expect Better Mental Health?

Broccoli Sprouts Eaten During Pregnancy May Provide Children with Life-Long Protection 

Against Heart Disease.

Are Fish-Eaters Smarter than Fish Oil Pill-Poppers?

Eating Eggs During Pregnancy Protects Mom's Offspring from Cancer

Should Prenatal Care Be Extended to Dads?

Here are the documents with the full stories. Remember, the password is "choline"

Pregnancy 2010 and 2011 News.pdf

A.pregnancy.and.brain development.2008.pdf

Pregnancy General News 2008.part.1.pdf

Pregnancy General News 2008.Part_2.pdf


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