Update on Second Child - Personal experience with Choline

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We've been having great luck with getting our second child to eat the 1 gram+ per day of choline (in the form of Lecithin granules) added to pancake mix, on a near daily basis.  So I'd really recommend people try this approach if they are having problems in this area (which we did for a long time). 

I buy whole wheat pancake mix from Trader Joes, add crushed walnuts, and miscellaneous other things I find around the kitchen (extra egg yolks, oat bran, flax, chia seeds, etc.) and a large amount of choline - that works out to about a gram of choline per pancake.  I also add a lot of cinnamon powder, and vanilla extract - and you can hardly taste the choline when the pancakes are finished.  Add a little low-sugar jam, etc. - and the kids love them.

Our second child is doing well, and recently passed the 24 month/ 2-year milestone.  She is very conversationally fluent - I haven't counted the words - but perhaps in the range of 500 to 1,000 words in English, and perhaps half that in Chinese/Mandarin.  She counts to 10 without a problem, and knows the alphabet (to say it, but not to identify the letters, which we haven't worked on at all.

Friends have commented both on the advanced verbal skills (talks a lot, in sentences), and on the advanced motor skills (runs, climbs and moves quickly and accurately) of our second child.  Choline seems to be working well, and we are following an ongoing diet of 1 gram per day for children.

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